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Luminance Meters
The SCLA-300 is a high accuracy spectral radiance meter capable of taking measurements of very low luminance. Its variable aperture allows for the ability to change the measurement field size, meaning that it can measure many different sized objects. It is portable and can be remotely controlled via USB or wireless making it ideal for both lab and field applications.


Measurable Quantities
    CIE Color Coordinates (x, y)  
    CIE Color Coordinates (u’, v’)  
    Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)   
    Dominate Wavelength   
    Color Purity   
    CRI (Ra)  


    Extremely large measurement range: Luminance: 0.001 cd/m2 to 1,000,000 cd/m2.
    Selectable target dimension: Multiple measuring apertures allows different size fields, e.g. 2°, 1°, 0.2°, and 0.1°
    High sensitivity:  T.E. cooled system offers high measurement sensitivity
    User friendly: Touch screen interface makes it easy to use
    High stability: Test light is always in designated orientation for higher measurement stability
    Low stray light: The long nose baffles ensures low stray light
    Fast measurement: Precise driving device and high speed angle encoder enable fast measurement
    Convenient field application: WiFi communication for convenient measurement in fields. It can communicate with a phone or PC for remote control




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