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Luminance Meters
ILM-2C Image Luminance Meter
The ILM-2C image luminance meter utilizes a CCD in order to take the luminance of every pixel in an image. It is perfect for applications in which the luminance to be measured will vary greatly and in which multiple points must be taken or in which the zonal luminance and total average luminance is important. Image luminance meters can also be used in glare measurement, LEDs, automotive lights, traffic lights, indicator lamps, instrument and equipment panels, landscape and street lighting, biological luminescence, and any sort of display including LED, plasma, OLED, and any backlight panel.

 Measurable Quantities

    Luminance per Pixel     
    Ave. Luminance for Selected Area     
    Max. Luminance   
    Min. Luminance    



    High Resolution: CCD camera of 1.3 million pixels, each of which measures the luminance of a point in the field from a single image
    Accurate Measurements: Highly precise system with luminosity correction complying with CIE class A or B
    Stable and Repeatable: TE cooling system to guarantee stability and repeatability

    Large Luminance Measuring Range: Luminance measuring range from 0.001 cd/m2 to 20,000,000 cd/m2
    Adaptability: Adaptable measurement distance and field achieved by customizing the lens
    Flexibility in Application: An external DC 12V power supply with a USB interface makes the ILM-2C widely applicable in the lab and in the field
    High Dynamic Technology: High dynamic imaging range enables accurate measurements of objects with lumance diversity