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LST-600 Goniophotometer
LST-600 LED Spatial Testing System is an automatic measurement system for photometric, radiometric and electrical performance of LED chips. The LST-600 consists of main machine and software operation interface and is used to measure spatial luminous intensity distribution, beam divergence angle, equivalent flux, three-dimensional luminous intensity distribution curve, and light distribution curve in which both polar coordinates and orthogonal coordinates are automatically plotted. It will also measure the forward and reverse electrical parameters of LEDs.


    CIE 127:2007 Compliant: The measurement of spatial luminous intensity distribution meets the requirements of CIE 127:2007 Condition A and Condition B
    ISO and CIE Standards: Features a V(λ) correction detector of standard class, the LST-600 complies with the latest international ISO and CIE standards
    Accurate Control of Sample Position: Equipped with integrated alignment devices to ensure accurate distance measurement and control of sample position
    To Test Various LEDs: Different radiation detectors are available to measure readiant intensity of infrared or ultraviolet LEDs
    Multiple Scan Intervals: Several options of scan intervals enables greater accuracy of measurement or more quick measurements
    Automatically Adjustable DC Power: Integrated with an accurate constant voltage/current source adjusted automatically by a D/A converter