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LPS-300 Programmable LED Test Power Supply
LPS-300 is a programmable LED test power supply designed for both steady and transient testing. By generating a synchronous trigger signal to HPA series spectroradiometer the testing system can carry out both steady measurements and transient measurements for photometric, colorimetric & radiometric characteristics of LEDs. LPS-300 can measure the forward current IF, forward voltage VF, reverse current IR, and reverse voltage VF for LEDs.


    Convenient: Integrated and simple design which enables easy operation
    Multiple Functions: Employed high accuracy DC power supply and precise power meter for electrical parameter measurement
    Three Test Modes: Steady test mode, single pulse test mode, and repetitive test mode
    Programmable Pulses: Pulse duration, pulse period, ad pulse number in a single burst
    Safety: Protection functions are available to ensure the safety of the DUT (Device Under Test) and the instrument itself