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AS Series Digital AC Power Supply
The AS series AC power supply is a high accuracy, low distortion, and high stability AC power supply. It provides frequency adjustable pure sine waves and is suitable for the test of household appliances, lamps, computers, etc. It separates the output of the transformer so as to increase the stability of the instrument.


    Large load capability and good wave quality    
    Accurate Display: Integrated with a precise electrical power meter
    Safety: The internal protection circuit will cut the output off and give an audible alarm when the output circuit is short-circuited, over-current, over-voltage, or the power devices are overheated
    Novel Constant Current Design: It is easy to start up loads which require high current, e.g. motors or compressors
    Multiple Function Software: It can set the upper and lower limit of voltage, current, and frequency; an alert may be set. Three programmable memory groups are available
    Remote Control: RS232 communication interface