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ITI-5006 Surge Generator
Our ITI-5006 Surge Generator simulates high voltage and high current surges, to provide an accurate evaluation of the surge immunity for optoelectronic, electrical, and electronic equipment. It is fully compliant with all common industry standards listed below.


    Convenience: The built-in single phase CDN can switch the surge polarity and coupling path with the included software
    Real Time Measurement: With the built-in voltage and current meter the surge voltage and current peak  can be observed in real time
    Versatility: An external standard induction coil is used for pulsed magnetic field testing
    Ease of Use: Highly intelligent and reliable


Standard Compliance
    EN 61000-4-5: Testing and measurement techniques for surge immunity testing
    IEC 60255-5: Insulation coordination for measuring relays and protection equipment
    IEC 61000-4-5: Testing and measurement techniques for surge tests
    IEC 61643-1: Standard for surge protective devices connected to low voltage power disruption systems
    UL 1449: Standard for surge protective devices