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Photometers & Colorimeters
SIM-2 Spectral Irradiance Meter
The SIM-2 spectral irradiance meter brings you a fresh experience of light measurement in the mobile era. As an easy-to-use handheld device, it offers powerful functions and excellent reliability. You can accurately acquire multiple data with a single touch and easily synchronize with a PC via USB.
Measurable Quantities
    Spectral Power Distribution P(λ)  
    Spectral Irradiance E(λ)  
    Illuminance E and Irradiance Ee  
    Chromaticity Coordinates: (x, y), (u, v), (u’, v’)  
    Color Rendering Index (CRI) and R1~R14  
    Scopic and Photopic Ratio (S/P)  
    Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM)  
    Portable Field Measurement: Compact size with 4.3” LCD display; all data is acquired in milliseconds by one-touch and a 4GB SD card is included for data storage
    Multi-Functional: Capable of acquiring multiple parameters, as well as having many application extensions available, including data compression, multiple detectors, figure exportation, etc.
    High Accuracy for Portable Measurement: No V(λ) mismatch error and wide linearity dynamic range
    Remote Control: Comes with computer software for remote control, report printing, and communication with computer via USB
    Flexibility: Detachable detector for flexible operation; the detector and display communicates via USB





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