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HPA-300 High Performance Array Spectroradiometer
HPA-300 is a leading spectroradiometer, which adopts scientific-grade grating and array detector. The measurement speed can be within milliseconds, with high accuracy. It has the capability to measure radiometric, photometric and colorimetric quantities of both light sources and materials. The HPA-300 is designed to work in conjunction with a pc.

Measureable Quantities

    Luminous and Radiant Flux (with integrating sphere)
    Luminous and Radiant Intensity (with goniometer)
    Spectral Power Distribution
    Spectral Irradiance
    Illuminance and Irradiance (with irradiace sampling device)
    Luminance and Radiance (with Radiance sampling device)
    Luminance Efficacy
    Chromaticity Coordinates (x, y), (u, v), (u’, v’)
    Color Rendering Index (CRI, Ra, R1-R15)
    Color Purity
    Standard Deviation of Color Matching (SDCM)
    Peak and Dominant Wavelengths
    Half Peak Bandwidth



    High Sensitivity
    Fast Measurement Speed: Can measure the entire spectrum of a flashed light source within 1μs
    Low Stray Light
    Flexibility: The optical fiber interface is compatible with many other measurement accessories
    Trigger Function: External Trigger function allows for both pulse and stable measurements

Basic Principle  






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