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MGO-300R Goniophotometer & Goniospectroradiometer
The MGO-300R is a type C goniophotometer that fully meets the requirements of both LM-75 and LM-79 IES standards. It is specially designed for professional labs. To this end, it has been designed for high accuracy and with the flexibility to perform variety of different measurements. This allows the MGO-300R to fully characterize many kinds of lamps and luminaires.

    6 in 1: 1 instrument realizes the function of more than 6 individual ones
    Best Measurement Solution:  Most detailed total luminous flux measurement solution for all kinds of luminaires and lamps
    Accurate Data: The detectors always receive light from the normal direction
    Low Stray Light: Stray light is reduced to ultra-low levels by the superior long-nose stray light reducer and baffle design
    Low Measurement Time: Higher measurement speed is made possible by the precision actuators and high speed angle encoders
    Wide Dynamic Range: An extremely wide dynamic range is achieved by taking measurement samples at different spatial points with different measurement distances.
    Intuitive: Powerful and easy to use software makes using the MGO-300R a snap


Principle Sketch 
The model MGO-300R represents the latest innovations from Metrue in LED and Lighting measurement.



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