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Partnership with Everfine
DATE: 2015-06-21

Metrue, Fremont California, June. 22, 2015 -Metrue, Inc., a US based leading supplier of optoelectronics and testing equipment, is partnering with Everfine, a China-based well-known top manufacturer of LED lighting test equipment. Metrue is now Everfine’s exclusive representative within the Northern America district.  Together the two companies will provide end users with the largest variety of lighting testing equipment for LED & lighting manufacturers and optical radiation testing laboratories.
Metrue, Inc. designs, assembles, and calibrates its products within the United States and provides excellent customer service and calibration services to end users.  By partnering with Everfine, Metrue is now able to offer its customers with a greater range of testing equipment and solutions, including goniophotometers, spectroradiometers, integrating spheres, photometers, LED life testing systems, LED Thermal Analysis systems, optical radiation safety test systems, EMC testers, and etc.
Through this partnership Metrue and Everfine will provide quick, professional, and US based support for all customers of Metrue and Everfine in the Northern America District. The customers of Metrue and Everfine can expect this partnership to bring more options, a greater variety of services, and customized equipment for their specific needs along with a faster response and delivery time through the combination of Metrue’s USA designed, assembled, and calibrated equipment with Everfine’s more than 20 years of industrial experience.

For more information, please feel free to email to and call Metrue at 510.770.6900 or 510.697.6475.